Room confirmation is upon Payment confirmation.

  • All reservations made through Goodies BizCentre staff is secured upon receipt of payment. 
  • We accept payment via Bank wire transfer, Paypal or credit card payment. 
  • Room Rate are as per our email or invoice sent to you via email or whatsapp.

Maybank Account No.: 

5515 9300 0230 Goodies

CIMB Account No:
8009 0478 52 Goodies
Bank Islam Account No:
0104 1010 0755 73  Goodies
Room Rate


Applicable for guests staying for 7 nites and above.

Below are Long Term Guest Rate after discount. Please refer to your email or whatsapp message on the  Invoice Amount.

Speical Rate


Bookings reservation made through our Reservation partners are obliged to their rules and regulations.

Do take note that our reservation partners* imposed an additional 5%-17% on top of our exisiting room rate as their service charge. 

We would not get paid by our Partners until you check-out.